Illinois ARES Wellness Net

In the last few days on 3905 kHz at noon CDT we conducted an informal “Wellness Net” and participation throughout the State was very promising. We (W9DSR, N9LQF, W9ZE et al) will continue holding the Net daily at noon for 30 – 40 minutes on 3905 kHz +/-. Drop by to share information, thoughts and concerns.

We will also have the ECHOLINK conference node WB0VTM-L NODE # 824404 ONLINE during the HF net on 3.905. People will hear all HF traffic and can make written comments via the message box on the bottom right corner of their screen. We also have permission to use the ECHOLINK IL-ECOMM Node # 339893 for additional coverage.

In the interest of opening up opportunities for digital users with other modes to be able to check in. Carlos, W9FE, will be on TG31171 (ILLINOIS LINK).

Other linking technologies are being explored.

Remember, the Illinois Sideband Net is held daily on 3905 at 18:00 Local.
We are in this together stay in touch please.