Wellness Net Update – 05/10/20

Amateurs from 84 different Illinois counties have now checked into the daily Wellness Net. There are 102 counties in Illinois. Please pass the word about our net to your friends; let’s see if we can get a ‘clean sweep’ of all the counties.

During April over 600 individual amateurs checked into our daily wellness nets. Thanks to all of you for your interest and enthusiasm. A list of all of the check-ins can be found here.

Our Net Control Stations have made a change to make check-ins a bit more convenient. On odd numbered days the order of NC stations calling the net will be South / Central / North. On even numbered days it will be North / Central / South. There will also be an opportunity for you check in early. Starting at 11:30, NK9Y or his alternate will accept pre-checks on the net frequency.