Instructions to send a REPLY to the ARC 213

You may want to take a screen shot and capture to your desk top for easy reference, if desired.

1. Close the open browser Window to return to Winlink Express

2. Back in Winlink Express, Double CLICK on the the Message line for the 213

3. This will open up the plain text version of the message.

4. Now click on the REPLY menu item.

The Reply to message template will open up in the browser. Now type in the response and when done click SUBMIT.

At this point POST TO OUTBOX for sending.

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                ARC 213 General Message               Sender: N4AE
DR#: N/A                Incident Name: N/A                Message#: 2020-06     
Precedence: Routine
To (Name/Position):  Robert Litter / W9DSR
From (Name/Position):  Brian / N4AE
Subject: Red Cross Disaster Operation Center Stands Down                            Date:  2020-05-30                                Time: 13:39
. Message 

To: Robert Litter
Fm: Brian McDaniel, Executive Director, Illinois River Valley

Subject: Red Cross Disaster Operation Center Stands Down 13:30 CT


The American Red Cross of Illinois has secured from operations at 13:30 Central Time. We thank the Illinois Amateur Radio Emergency Services for their support today. Your work was professional and exemplary. We look forward to collaborating further together under our national MOU.

73 ES TU

Brian McDaniel, N4AE


Approved by:  BSM                   Position / Title:  ED/N4AE 

      You can print this page with your browser, if you need to obtain a written response to enter.



Replied By (Name):   Position / Title:    Date / Time:      
                                                                                                                                       Version ARC 213 1.3