New Day & Time for Digital Net

The Thursday evening Illinois Digital Net has moved to Sunday nights at 8:30 pm Central time. The net is bridged to to all of these modes:

Wires-X 21565
Brandmeister DMR 31171
TGIF DMR 31171
P25 31171
NXDN 31171
AllStar 42810
Dstar XLX334G, DCS334G, XRF334G

ARES to Support IEMA COVID-19 Response

Illinois ARES members are supporting the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s (IEMA) COVID-19 response activities as AuxComm Radio Operator volunteers. Illinois ARES will coordinate the number and location of volunteer amateur communicators with IEMA on an ongoing basis for the foreseeable future.

In a separate activity, the daily Illinois ARES Wellness Net has been established to allow Illinois amateurs to stay connected and comment on their status. The net is informal and uses HF, EchoLink, digital nodes, and linked VHF/UHF nets. The Wellness Net has seen check-ins from more than 40 Illinois counties. Other local and regional wellness VHF/UHF nets have been activated throughout Illinois as well. — Thanks to Illinois Section Emergency Coordinator Robert Littler, W9DSR; Illinois Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator Jim Pitchford, N9LQF, and Illinois State EOC Liaison Roger Whitaker, K9LJB

The original source for this information comes from the ARRL Website