Join the P2P Winlink Slack Group

The purpose of this Slack group is very simply a meeting place for Hams who have Winlink Peer-to-Peer message handling capabilities (or those who would like to). It’s also a Peer-to-Peer group. Everyone has an equal opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions as to what this group will become. The idea is to make it feasible for Hams to move message traffic expeditiously on a state, regional or nationwide basis in the event of a disaster which may include a collapse of the primary communications grid as we know it (cell service, internet, repeaters, etc.).

We have been experimenting with P2P after our ARES Sunday Net for several months, and now is the time to put what we’ve learned into practice. If you’re familiar with Slack, you should feel right at home.

You can share your thoughts on what you’d like this site to provide. For starters, we’re building a database for you to locate a station in another city or state that you will be able to call on to handle P2P messaging going forward. You can create a communications project and post schedules(i.e.: band, frequency, time information) as desired. And if you need, or can provide training, please post that in the training channel.

If you’re interested in participating, please sign in with your ARRL netemail address on the P2PWinlink Slack Channel. (If you don’t have an email account, please send your preferred email to: WØ

Section Manager Steps Down

From Central Division Director Kermit Carlson, W9XA

I regret to inform you that Ron Morgan, AD9I, has found it necessary to step down because of health concerns that became apparent just as he was ready to start a new term of office – and one that he was recently re-elected to in this spring season’s Section Manager election.

Morgan, of East Peoria, has served as the Illinois Section Manager since February 2017. He notified the Illinois Section membership yesterday; writing, “My decision was based on continued treatment and my inability to travel and serve the amateur community. Respectfully to all in the Section as it has been an honor to serve the ARRL in this capacity.”

Thomas Beebe, W9RY, of Marion, has been appointed as the Illinois Section Manager, effective July 1, to fulfill the two-year term of office that extends through June 30, 2022.