Mission Statement for the ARRL Illinois Section

The ARRL is a global community that welcomes all amateur radio operators.

As your Illinois Section Manager I believe each of us has the power of ideas to change perceptions and attitudes and ultimately make our hobby better.

My goal is to build the fastest growing, most rewarding section and use our successes to inspire and implement solutions that will benefit all.

To that end, I will make it a priority for both individuals and clubs in our Section to recruit new members–especially from the growing number of technologically competent youths that represent a potentially new generation of amateur radio operators– who in many cases can be introduced to amateur radio through coordination between ARRL-affiliated Illinois radio clubs and local school districts. We will also be reaching out to those who may have let their ARRL membership lapse and to newly licensed hams unaware of the benefits of ARRL membership.

Thomas Beebe W9RY