ARES District 3/4 Meeting Notes – Friday, August 12th

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  • Each attendee talked about their personal history, ham radio history, projects, and what they liked or don’t like about ARES.
  • Meeting times: We decided to meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month 6 – 7PM. 
  • How to organize an AREA response; over-all com plan, District-wide ICS-205, IAP, other approaches that have been done before (no examples as yet).
  • Hospital radio cache, status (we didn’t have much time for this discussion)

Next Meeting Subjects:

  • How to organize an AREA response?  Which way should we go?
  • Hospital radio cache, organization?

Next meeting:
Tuesday, September 20h, 6pm on

Roger Bonuchi, Director
Kendall County Emergency Management Agency