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NEW – In addition to the usual net this coming Sunday, December 19, we will do an informal 60M and 40M check beginning at 4:10PM. At 4:10PM, John, W9ZE will call for stations on 7230 kHz. At 4:20PM, we will move to 60M. The start frequency is 5403.5 kHz. (channel 5). If that frequency is busy, move up one to channel 1. If 1 is busy, then 2, etc., in that order. 

The regular Illinois ARES HF net then occurs for the last time in 2021, this Sunday, December 19 @ 4:30PM on 3905 kHz. Bruce, WA9APQ, will be calling the districts with assistance of John, W9ZE. The roll call will run from South to North, with breaks for check ins from out of state stations.

All stations are welcome. Please invite your out of state friends.

The ARES HF net is also available on EchoLink on node# 824404 (WB0VTM-L).

For those interested in digital opportunities, check out the Illinois Digital Net, Sunday right after this net at approximately 5:00 PM on TG31171. Other digital modes are available as well.

Stations may test propagation conditions 10 – 15 minutes before the net for relay purposes. Be aware of other nets occurring close by as we may need to move up a bit to avoid interference.

For those who wish to test 75M more frequently, you are encouraged to participate on the following nets:

North Central Phone Net every weekday at 0700 Local on 3912 kHz

Illinois Phone Net every weekday at 1645 Local on 3857 kHz.

Illinois Sideband Net daily at 1800 Local on 3905 kHz

These nets provide a great way to experience propagation conditions and practice message handling.