Leadership Location Map Added

John Nebl, N9MYC, has created a map showing our Illinois Districts and Counties, and has plotted the names and callsigns of the Section Cabinet Members and District Emergency Coordinators. This is a very effective tool for figuring out who is who and where they are located. You can find it as a menu item on the main About menu dropdown.

Recent Updates

We’ve added a few new pages to the site that you might want to investigate.

The Section Manager’s newsletter for September, 2020 can be found on the Resources menu drop-down list.

Radiograms Made Simple is a basic tutorial on the ARRL Radiogram form.

Dan, K7REX, has produced a series of videos about Winlink and other topics.

Both of these pages can be found on the Public Service dropdown menu. Also, the links to the list of Illinois Traffic Nets and to the Illinois Sideband Net web page have been moved to the Nets menu dropdown.

We will be continuing to add more resources. Check the menus for new items.

New HF Gateway – NC9IL


NC9IL is now an HF Gateway on 3592.5 kHz (CF) providing ARDOP and VARA service. Please use NC9IL and send performance reports to: K9LJB; WB9QPM; W9DSR (Winlink)